About Us

About Hawley Retainer Dental Lab

Thank you for visiting Hawley Retainer Dental Lab! We are located in both San Jose area in California, USA to serve you and your patients. All our dental technicians have dental technician certificate with more than 10 years field experiences.  If you have any technical questions or would like to discuss a case, our customer technical advisor, Wan Lee, is available to offer personalized assistance. Please call 408-313-3454 to let us know how we can help you. We’re confident that our workmanship and service will meet your expectations.

Professional Services from Hawley Retainers

Hawley Retainer Dental Lab are a Hawley Retainers Specialist. Meet our professional works for Hawley Retainers Products. We provide 30 days warranty service.

Products Working Schedule

Our total work schedule takes usually three (3) weeks. If it is not checked in the due date check box on the Rx form, we regard it as the three (3) weeks work schedule. Urgent Cases are accepted upon request. Please call Hawley Retainer Dental Lab before you send your work to our office.


We strongly recommend you to use USPS Priority shipping Box we send to you. If you use other box which is not a USPS Priority Shipping Box, you should put the Priority Sticker in the Post Office and send it to us.  If you use your own box, the delivery may take more than a week due to the some reason in the Post Office. For your reference, USPS Priority Shipping Box is Free. You can use it in the Post Office. Request the Free USPS Priority Shipping Box


Our staff do our best to satisfy you and your patient.  We provide 30 day warranty period for all your works.  Through our experience, and quality we can guarantee you with a satisfying experience.  Browse through our product list to know about our offers.